Phillip Island Camp Photos


"And we’re on the road!! All smiles from the  kiddies :-)"

"San Remo pelican feeding"

"Beautiful afternoon and stroll at the Nobbies!"

"Kiddies at the campsite enjoying their first round of rotations! Enjoying this beautiful weather!"

"Just waiting for some penguins... 🐧"

"A night of celebrations and chocolate... so much CHOCOLATE! 🍫"


"Fun in the sun at the beach! What a beautiful day!"

"The children had and absolutely fantastic time participating in ALL our rotation activites! Lots of them faced fears and were very brave! Their smiles say it all!!
Activities included:
- Pedal Racers
- Trampolines
- Crate Climb
- Archery
- Giant Swing"

"Beautiful warm campfire with some 'well done' marshmallows :) and another birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Melanie!"


"PHILLIP ISLAND WILDLIFE PARK! Home to 100 different species of Australian animals. Kiddies get to hand feed the animals and get up close and personal with wildlife!"

"On the road again...
Melbourne bound with some sleepy little munchkins!"