1:1 Netbook Program

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1:1 Netbook Program

At Findon, we have a 1:1 netbook program for students in Years 3 to 6. Students are given the opportunity to lease a netbook from the school. Students have access to these netbooks both at home and school for the life of the lease. Over 95% of families take up this option to assist their child’s learning. For the students who do not choose to join the netbook program the school will provide a laptop or desktop to use during school hours. Students in Years 3/4/5/6 collect evidence to support their learning in a digital portfolio.

The DET Netbook research shows that students with 1:1 access to a netbook are:

  • more motivated and engaged in learning
  • better organised which improves literacy and numeracy outcomes
  • better able to collaborate and think analytically

1:1 Netbooks improve learning in and out of school by encouraging:

  • anywhere, anytime access to learning
  • independence, eg promotion of problem solving skills
  • greater access for family involvement in education through accessing their Netbook
  • collaboration between students in global classrooms
  • students to communicate appropriately and safely in social websites
  • the ability to access homework and school information online and offline
  • more time for teachers to teach students to use the internet appropriately as a tool to learn
  • greater access to real-time information, digital learning resources and educational software
  • working in online spaces where students can access varied content to support their level of understanding in a subject area
  • immediate feedback on their learning, students have access to reflect instantly and not wait for their work to be corrected by the teacher
  • the ability to digitally capture any learning, such as videos or photographs to create stories
  • opportunities to discuss cyber bullying as a real issue and discuss impacts of this as a class