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Lunch Orders

Welcome to the Findon Primary School Canteen. We are open 5 days a week for lunch orders and counter sales.

How to place a lunch order?

Register for an account to order online (Orders to be placed before 9AM)


  1. Write your child’s name and room number on a lunch bag. You can either purchase single use brown paper bags from your local supermarket in bulk or for 10 cents each at the canteen. You can also purchase a reusable lunch bag from the office for $10.
  2. Write your child’s name, room number and class on the bag along with the order. The Canteen menu viewed and downloaded from the link above.
  3. Your child will need to place their lunch order in the class lunch tub.
  4. Change will be taped on the lunch bag.
  5. For Slushy’s/frozen items – please remind your child to take their lunch bag to the canteen at lunchtime to collect their slushy/frozen items as it cant be delivered to the classroom.

Emergency Lunches

If your child is provided with an emergency lunch,

  1. They will be given a note detailing what was provided and how much it cost.
  2. You will be required to agree to an emergency lunch.
  3. Please make sure your payment is made to the canteen by the following day

Note: If there is an outstanding amount owed to the canteen, your child may not be provided with another emergency lunch until payment is made.