Mission, Vision and Values

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School Vision and Mission

At Findon Primary School, our vision is that our children will become life-long learners with positive feelings of self worth. As young adults they must be confident, tolerant, adaptable and resilient. They will be effective team members who understand their rights and responsibilities within a global community.

School Values

Be Respectful
–   Respect ourselves and others
–   Respect our environment
–   Respect differences in ideas, opinions and behaviours
–   Be inclusive and tolerant of others
Be Responsible
–   Showing responsibility through your words and actions and ensure that your words and actions match
–   Being accountable to yourself and others
–   Showing personal and communal responsibility and leadership skills through making and modelling good choices
–   Encouraging others to demonstrate personal and communal responsibility
Be Honest
–   Always telling the truth —through actions and words
–   Being honest with yourself, others and in difficult situations
Do Your Best
–   Working to the best of your abilities in all areas of learning and behaviour
–   Being organised by having all equipment, asking questions and planning and using time efficiently
–   Showing positive and optimistic learning behaviours
–   Having confidence in your ability and persevering when there are challenges, not being afraid to make mistakes
–   Demonstrating resilience in learning and social situations by communicating with others
–   Staying on task and striving for excellence
Show Care and Compassion
–   Caring about yourself and the wellbeing of others
–   Acting in a caring and compassionate manner
–   Being inclusive and getting along with others, by being sensitive and respectful to others
–   Equal opportunity-giving everyone a fair go
– Acknowledge that everybody is different