Physical Education

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Findon Primary School provides a fun, engaging and high quality Physical Education program, which promotes maximum participation and caters for all students, in line with the Victorian Curriculum. The program is designed to prepare students for a healthy and active lifestyle, through the development of movement skills, knowledge, teamwork and fostering positive attitudes. 

The comprehensive Physical Education program aims to develop fundamental motor skills in a sequential order throughout year levels. Students learn to work cooperatively, develop game tactics, invent and modify games, engage with a vast range of sporting equipment, whilst exploring health and fitness related areas.

Students have the opportunity to discover and participate in a wide range of sports and activities. Some examples include: Basketball, Netball, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Cricket, Gymnastics, Athletics, Sofcrosse, Volleyball, Soccer, Handball, Badminton, Tennis, Lawn Bowls, Tee Ball, Softball and Hockey. 

Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2: Students develop Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) through many effective learning experiences. Game play allows students to develop cooperative and collaborative skills, grow in confidence and develop locomotor and manipulative skills. Refining of the following FMS: catch, kick, overhand throw, bounce, punt, strike, run, jump, leap, dodge and skip, prepares students for middle and senior school, and aim to promote a mindset, for lifelong active and healthy living.

Years 3 and 4: Students build and refine FMS to develop more complex skills and movement challenges, as they transition to a ‘game sense’ approach to learning. Through small sided, modified games, students begin to connect games of a similar nature with common game strategies. This game centred approach allows for greater cognitive development through the use of questioning, rules and space modifications to teach about various sports. 

Years 5 and 6: Students progress even further and apply the game sense approach to major games and sports. With a focus on the mastery of FMS, students also explore decision making and movement knowledge in games and sports. With an emphasis on tactical learning and skill learning in a context rather than a specific sport, the aim is to ensure all students have the skills, knowledge and social capabilities to try any sport they want to, as they approach Secondary School and beyond.

Students also have numerous opportunities to participate in extra events and activities. Athletics, cross country, swimming and interschool sport, in addition to other sporting opportunities, are a feature at Findon PS. The annual ‘Athon’, day, which is a fun, fitness focused day, promotes maximum active participation from students.  Our sporting events also provide pathways for students that qualify, opportunities to compete against students from other schools at a District, Division, Regional and State level.

Hats & Sunnies
Findon students are required to wear approved hats and sunglasses in line with the Sunsmart Policy and use sunscreen. 

Fruit in Schools
Findon students have fruit at 10am each day as part of healthy diet promotion. The school purchases a small amount of fruit for students, but also request students bring their own.

Hydration Policy
It is preferred that all students have a drink bottle readily available to allow for sipping water throughout the day.