Findon Early Learning

Learning Through Play

Findon’s Early Learning Program embraces ideals based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy and as such values the individuality of each child in our care. The emphasis is on play: the medium through which learning will occur. Children are valued as co-educators and are encouraged to learn and develop alongside each other in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.


We appreciate the individual thought processes and learning styles of each child and we endeavour to both extend and enhance these through our play program.


We recognise that optimum learning and growth stems from a productive partnership between parents, staff and children: noted as equal entities.


Findon’s Early Learning Program values both the process and  the  product of children’s activity.

Children are directed in their play. Staff work together to observe and design a play program that suits the needs of the children, in the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and  language areas.


There are opportunities for inside and outside play, in the secure grounds of Findon Primary School. Children visit the school’s library each week and are able to borrow a book to take home and share.

The Rostered Playgroup requires that the parents volunteer to spend at least two sessions in the program each term. Please speak to Kendra to arrange this.


The Findon Primary School Early Learning Centre is a great opportunity for 3 year old children to experience a quality program founded on play.


The program has the approval of the Playgroup Association and is administered as a Rostered Playgroup.


The Early Learning Centre costs $250 per term if your child attends both  sessions. If your child attends one session the cost is $130 per term.


The days the Early Learning Centre offers sessions are:




Monday between 9:30am and 12:00 noon




Friday between 9:30am and 12:00 noon.