'Go for Your Life'

FINDON IS A “Go for your Life” SCHOOL

Findon PS was the first school in the Whittlesea Shire (of 30 schools) to receive this award. To receive this award the school was required to demonstrate how the 7 key criteria listed below have been implemented within the school.

To promote student wellbeing by making healthy eating and physical activity a regular part of every child’s day.

Healthy eating and physical activity are associated with improved learning and concentration, better mood and behaviour, healthy growth and weight and lifelong health and wellbeing. School communities can help students develop healthy habits to live, learn, grow and play.

Whole of school
It is recognised that every member of the school community impacts on children’s health and can contribute to creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. All member of the school community including staff, students, parent and volunteers will be supported to meet this policy.
Please find below a link to the 7 key criteria that were met by Findon PS.
Go For Your Life Criteria