Healthy Eating


It’s all about balance
Energy in = Energy out
· Food and drinks V Physical activity
· If a child consumes more energy, that is, kilojoules, than they use, the extra energy is stored as body fat. It doesn’t take much extra food intake each day to result in a substantial weight gain over a year.
· The Food and Drink spectrum shows a movement from the GREEN foods and drinks that children should ‘Have Plenty’ of, to the AMBER category that should be ‘Selected Carefully’, to the RED category of ‘Eat Occasionally’.

GREEN -have plenty
Encourage and promote these foods and drinks
Because they:
• are good sources of nutrients
• contain less saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt
• help to avoid an intake of excess energy (kJ)

GREEN- foods and drinks
• Water
• All types of breads, preferably wholegrain
• Fruits – fresh, dried, canned
• Vegetables – fresh and frozen
• Legumes – kidney beans, lentils, chick-peas
• Reduced-fat dairy products including flavoured milks
• Lean meat, fish and poultry and alternatives

AMBER- select carefully
Do not let these foods and drinks dominate
Avoid large serving sizes because they:
• have limited nutritional value
• have moderate levels of saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt
• can, in large serve sizes, contribute excess energy (kJ)

AMBER - foods and drinks
• Full-fat dairy foods
• Savoury commercial products
• Processed meats
• Some snack food bars
• Some savoury biscuits, popcorn, crisp breads
• Some cakes, muffins, sweet biscuits
• Some ice-creams, milk-based ice confections and dairy desserts
• Fruit juices (100%)
• Breakfast cereals – refined with added sugars

RED – Occasionally
Because they:
• lack adequate nutritional value
• are high in saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt
• can contribute excess energy (kJ)

RED foods and drinks
• Soft drinks
• Energy drinks
• Flavoured mineral water
• Confectionery
• Deep fried foods
• Crisps, chips and similar products
• Sweet pastries
• Chocolate coated and premium ice-creams
• Croissants
• Doughnuts
• Cream-filled buns/cakes/slices
• Large serves of cakes and muffins

• Using RED foods or drinks – no more than two occasions per half year!
• Special events that involve the tuckshop and the broader community must also follow these guidelines.